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Build an Age-friendly

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“Build an Age-friendly Environment” section covers resources of three domains of an age-friendly city, including “Outdoor spaces and building”, “Transportation” and “Housing”. A safe, accessible and well-designed physical environment supports elderly people and other community members to age in place, remain engaged with their community and gain access to services and activities.

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Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
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Age-friendly design not only builds a safe and accessible living environment, but also builds a happy atmosphere for the elderly people.

Elderly-friendly Design Guidelines

The Guidelines aim to raise awareness among designers and project proponents on how design decisions can contribute to the building of an elderly-friendly environment that supports active ageing. The design recommendations in the Guidelines serve as reference for the industry to help enhance the quality of life of the elderly in the communities.
(published by Architectural Services Department)

How to Support Persons with Disabilities: Practical Guide on Universal Design for Catering Services

This toolkit aims to offer an easy-to-read practical guide for the catering industry to serve diners, including elderly, with different needs. It introduces good practices to enhance the quality and experience of catering services for them, and increase public and industry’s awareness on Universal Design. (published by Equal Opportunities Commission)